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I live in the DC-Metro area and love music, art, history, and exploring the best of local culture.

This blog reflects my experiences at festivals, my love of all kinds of Americana music, and travels to historic places and museums.

I have a History of Decorative Arts M.A. from the Smithsonian Associates and you may see a post or two about historic structures and/or antiques as well (I studied furniture and wrote my thesis on wicker and rattan in the 20th century–and I still love all things tiki!).

I play blues and jazz tunes on my ukulele (and now guitar), write songs/poetry, and draw portraits in my spare time.

As for the name Honeysuckle Roads; it all started when I lived in Brookhaven (just outside of Atlanta, Georgia), and I noticed some wild red honeysuckles growing out of a bed of ivy during a walk in Murphey Candler Park.  I immediately thought of the 1929 Fats Waller tune “Honeysuckle Rose,” which also happens to be the name of country singer Willie Nelson’s tour bus.  I picked “Honeysuckle Roads” as the name of this blog as a play on words, which represents my love of music, my travels on the road, and the honeysuckles that grow wild along the trails and in the forests of Georgia.

Much Love,

Emily M.