I caught a glimpse of it from the vantage of a Midtown Taco Bell; an antiques store across the street called The Fainting Couch.  A lifelong fan of antiques, old things, and out-of-the-way local places, I couldn’t wait to explore it.

View from the Outside

Once inside, I saw a plethora of items to look through, including old film projectors, vintage fashion, postcards, and especially costume jewelry!!!

A Plethora of Items to See–I coveted that velvet plum hat, but my big head wouldn’t fit it!
Old film reels and projectors–perfect for anyone who works in film, or just film buffs in general!
Get a load of these ginormous bamboo hoops! Baubles galore.
An Interesting Vignette

It’s always interesting to talk to the owners of a local store.  Above the front display desk sits a portrait of the store owner’s mother, Billie Speed, a trailblazer who was the Religion Editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper and the first female sports writer in the U.S.  Learn more about her in Legends: Georgians who Lived Impossible Dreams

Portrait of Billie Speed in the background; Religion Editor at the AJC and first female sports writer in the U.S.!
There were plenty of old postcards from which to choose, including this one of the Newport (R.I.) Tower-which I’d visited on a trip with the Victorian Society of America.
I purchased several great things with Christmas in mind, including these awesome earrings!

Open since 2001, The Fainting Couch is owned by Kathleen Windham-Williams.  I talked with her husband, Joe Williams, who was manning the fort that day.  Many of the items come from local estates, and one lady in particular had a wealth of costume jewelry, much of which now appears in-store.  It was particularly fabulous to find so many earrings at such affordable prices!  If you are looking for Christmas shopping on a bargain (or for any occasion, really), and expressly have a costume jewelry lover or film buff in mind–the Fainting Couch is a great bet!

Happy customer Jasmine with her Fainting Couch purchases.

After the Fainting Couch, it was on to Scarlet Loves Rhettro, located next door. The inside of this cool shop contained some very swanky vintage fashion, as well as type writers, furniture, and other retro-chic odds and ends.

A classic mid-century type writer and some sexy beaded shoes
Find anything from mod appliances to wedding gowns.
Have the coolest jacket around
Remember to Shop Small!

Go see for yourself!  At The Fainting Couch and Scarlet Loves Rhettro, you never know what you’ll find!

Thank you for reading,