The last time I saw Little Lesley and the Bloodshots was at last year’s Rockabilly Reckoning in Austell, Georgia.  I thought they were pretty rockin’ then, with Little Lesley’s bass-jumping antics and her husband and lead guitarist Brian “Swifty” Swift’s Link Wray licks driven by Bobby Lee Moller’s drum beats.  This time, the show put on by Lesley and her current lineup was in a whole different league!

The cannonball of riotous energy produced by Little Lesley and her band was infectious, and few in the crowd could stand still.  As of this year, the lineup changed and the additional band members ensured an even bigger sound.

Drummer Bobby Lee Moller remains in the band, while Swifty retired.  The newest members of the Bloodshots include upright bassist Jeff Feinberg and lead guitarist Johnny Cola, who comes from the same Long Island rockabilly scene as the Stray Cats, a heritage evident in his sizzling guitar style.

Lesley, no longer tethered solely to the upright bass, played mainly rhythm guitar which allowed her to shimmy around in her fringed cowgirl mini-dress and really shine as a super-energetic lead singer. Watch the following videos for proof of the great show, tunes, and time had by all:

One of the band’s signature songs, “Doin’ Fine,” starts out with the country twang of rockabilly and —surprise— ends on a punk note!  A definite nod to Lesley’s punk rock days, rockabilly gives her a medium to combine both her country and punk influences.

“For Your Love,” a song I heard (and filmed) at the Reckoning but found to be much more rollicking this go-round.

My Patsy Cline fan readers will enjoy this; a tribute to the Patsy songs Lesley grew up singing and playing on piano.

How catchy are the jaunty minor notes of “Bad Girl?” Uptempo yet haunting.

And if anyone had a love interest that was so tempting yet so wrong, they’ll recognize him or her in “Straight from Hell.”

If you enjoyed the videos, be sure to catch Little Lesley and the Bloodshots in concert!  For more info on the band and touring dates, as well as their newest album Heartbeat, click this link to the Facebook page.